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About Lahoux Optics


Lahoux Optics was founded in 1992 and deals with nightvision in the broadest sense.

We are a manufacturer of high quality nightvision devices with image intensifier tubes and produce our own thermal imagers.

Nightvision is our passion

We are the Dutch producer of nightvision devices with image intensifier tubes (also known as residual light amplifiers) from Photonis (previously DEP). Image intensifier tubes form the heart of traditional nightvision devices such as monoculars, goggles, riflescopes and attachments. The image intensifier tubes of Photonis XR-5, Gen II Plus, ONYX ™ and ECHO / ECHO Plus are the best image intensifier tubes available. Lahoux Optics is a distributor of Photonis image intensifier tubes. Lahoux Optics produces its own nightvision devices such as the Lahoux LV-81, Lahoux Hemera and Lahoux D-545 attachments, the Lahoux LVS-14 monocular and the Lahoux LVS-7 nightvision goggles. Furthermore Lahoux Optics is distributor for night vision devices of the well known manufacturer Dedal, offering, among others, the devices D-370, DVS-8, D-480, D-490, D-541/D-542, D-552 and the thermal imaging device Dedal Ranger. Our office in Haarlem is the European service and repair center for Dedal nightvision equipment.

Furthermore, Lahoux Optics has its own production of thermal imaging equipment such as the Lahoux LV-21 attachment, the Lahoux LM-11 monocular, the Lahoux LG-31 goggle and the Lahoux LS-51 thermal imaging rifle scope. In the past, this technology was very expensive and reserved exclusively for the military. For some years, the heart of the system, the so called uncooled core, is produced in large quantities, thus making them affordable. In addition to our own production line, we also supply FLIR thermal imaging devices for police and surveillance applications. Please contact us for more information.

The latest development in the field of night vision is the so called fusion technology, where image intensifier and thermal imaging technology are being combined together. Lahoux Optics is investing a lot in this new area to bring the best value for money devices based on this technology to the market.